Labour Group Continue to Oppose Pay Increases for Hardworking Council Staff

Councillor Vince Maple has continuously made a point of thanking Medway Council’s hardworking staff – in both his Christmas and New Year’s addresses and most recently at February’s meeting of the Council – and well he might, as the Council’s officers and staff all work tirelessly to assist members and deliver the very best outcomes for the people of Medway: we would all be lost without their steadfast commitment and enthusiasm. It is therefore incomprehensible to Medway Conservatives why the Labour Group has continuously voted against pay increases to staff.

Councillor Alan Jarrett, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“On the 22nd of February I was delighted to stand before colleagues and present a balanced budget, and moreover a plan to deliver growth for all across Medway, giving life to a wide range of forward-thinking and exciting Council projects.

In particular I was pleased to allocate £772,000 for a further increase in pay to all Medway Council staff, taking their pay increase to 2%, to thank them for their hard work over the past year. However, the Labour Group unanimously chose to vote against this proposal in a callous attempt to block this much deserved reward, as they shamefully also did in 2018.

Medway Council has received countless compliments on the calibre and commitment of all who work here, including notably within the feedback of the Local Government Association’s Corporate Peer Challenge. I therefore find it unforgivable and at times downright hypocritical when Councillor Maple and his colleagues pay lip service to thanking our team, yet proceed to disregard their efforts - year after year, budget after budget.

Medway Council’s staff can rest assured that the Conservative administration will continue to be grateful and reward their service, remaining the only political party that really does what it says, and is prepared to take action.”