Medway Conservatives Continue to Support RVS Medway

Councillors Andrew Mackness and Habib Tejan of River Ward were delighted to earlier this year commit their ward funds, amounting to £1000, to the Royal Voluntary Service of Medway. Pictured above, they were recently able to fulfil this promise and put a smile on all members of the community who cherish this valuable community service. 

Based in Chatham, the RVS provides social activities and support services to elderly members of the community, and the donation from Councillors Mackness and Tejan will help them maintain the wonderful services they provide.

Whilst Labour Leader Vince Maple declined an invitation to match their donation, Medway Conservatives continue to support the RVS by working alongside the group to secure a sustainable long-term plan for their future. To date, this has included the allocation of £17,500 in the Council's budget to secure the RVS centre for the 2018/19 financial year - an addition to the 2018 Budget which the Labour Group also opposed and voted against.