Medway Conservatives Disgusted by Labour’s Failure to Support Children’s Education

Medway Conservatives were bitterly disappointed by unconstructive comments from the Labour Group, relating to a reluctance to allow our children and young people to regain some much needed semblance of normality as soon as is safe to do so.

Medway Conservatives have, at every stage, observed the clear Government guidance that has been issued, and will continue to do so – including as this relates to schools. In addition, Portfolio Holders Josie Iles (Children’s Services) and Martin Potter (Education and Schools) have been directly in touch with school leaders across Medway on a regular basis through their involvement in both the Covid- 19 Head Teachers Reference Group and the Education Recovery Head Teachers Reference Group. These clear channels of constructive communication have made sure that schools and staff have felt supported at every step of the way, which is critical as together we look towards the transition of all children and staff back to school safely.

Councillor Josie Iles and Councillor Martin Potter said:

“Schools have, throughout the unprecedented times of the last few weeks, continued to provide care for the children of key workers, and, from a Council perspective, services such as our SEN school transport have also continued in order to provide support to parents. For this, the Conservative Group are very thankful, and we sincerely appreciate the hard work of teachers and carers for their diligence and constant commitment to our young people. We know that when schools fully reopen - and the Prime Minister has been clear that this will only be when it is safe to do so - they will do so in order to continue to put the needs of Medway’s children first.

In contrast, the Labour Group have deliberately misinterpreted or simply not understood clear government guidance for the sake of an attempt to make a political argument. They have also decided to insult rather than praise at a time when unprecedented efforts have been made to ensure that children across Medway have remained cared for and retained the stability they require. As we have come to expect from Labour, they also do not offer a single workable alternative model. Their recent comments betray a reluctance to work constructively so we can give all of Medway’s children the chance to continue to receive the education they rightfully deserve through the phased reopening of schools."