Medway Labour Would See ‘Lifeline’ Medway Tunnel Close

Medway Conservative Group couldn’t believe their ears at the last full Medway Council meeting, when Labour Councillor Tristan Osbourne let slip his party’s opposition to continued funding of the Medway Tunnel.

The Medway Tunnel is an essential part of Medway’s infrastructure, seeing over 23,000 drivers on their way every single day. To cease funding would equate to a death sentence for the tunnel, which would be sure to close in this event. The Medway Tunnel provides vital connectivity to the Hoo Peninsula, and closure would result in countless negative impacts for residents, commuters and critically emergency service access routes. To provide just some idea of those that would be adversely affected, the Medway Tunnel is a key route for people wishing to access:

  • The Medway Universities – both to attend courses and access student accommodation
  • Gillingham Police Station
  • Medway Hospital A & E
  • Access to the docks
  • Retail outlets, including St Mary’s Island and Asda
  • Leisure Centre
  • Access to M2 Eastbound

Councillor Alan Jarrett, Leader of Medway Council, said:

“I am in a state of utter disbelief that Councillor Osbourne would so callously dispense with this lifeline for the people of Medway. Not only were his remarks recorded at Council, but he later repeated this same lack of consideration for Medway’s road users through a similar post on social media.

It is unthinkable that Medway Labour would be so foolish as to even consider the cessation of funding an option. It is this kind of dangerous and short-sighted disdain for the everyday lives of the people of Medway that demonstrates just why the electorate will never be able to trust the Labour Group.”