Medway Man Vs. Fat Smashes Weight Loss Record!

This week saw the conclusion of the first season of Strood's Man Vs. Fat League. The League, which was funded by Medway Council through the Public Health & Medway Sports Team, was run by Medway Sports Team employee Louis Hanley and vehemently supported by Medway Conservative Councillor, and Man Vs. Fat participant, Mark Joy. 

Over the season of 14 matches, the league broke the record for most weight lost in a single season with 94% of participants lost weight, with a total weight loss of an incredible 694.1kg.

The next season will be starting on 7th January with Medway Council part funding for existing members and fully funding for new participants from the Medway area.

Two of the participants lost over 20% of their total body weight, with one of these achieving a healthy BMI level in the process. The highest single weight loss was a staggering 27.5kg, achieved by our very own Councillor Mark Joy. 

Medway Conservatives are delighted to continue to support and promote this phenomenally successful programme, which has proved itself highly valuable in Medway Council's mission to combat obesity.