A Week of Conservative Triumphs

Last week Philip Hammond was able to announce the latest in a string of Conservative initiatives that will bring benefits to millions of hardworking individuals and families.

Despite the economic shambles and mess left in the wake of the last Labour government, the balanced and rational approach of the Conservative Party has seen Britain’s economy grow for the past eight years in a row.

Last week:

  • We were able to cut income tax by raising the tax-free personal allowance even further – meaning workers keep more of their hard earned income.
  • We’ve increased pensions for the eighth year in a row. So from this week, pensioners get £190 more a year.
  • We have also frozen fuel duty for the eighth year in a row, to help make your journeys that little bit easier.
  • We’ve reduced student loan repayments, cutting £360 a year from the average graduate’s repayment.
  • And we’ve increased incomes for people on the National Living Wage by £2,000 since 2016.

Medway people will not be fooled into tasting the rotten fruits of Labour’s imaginary money tree: Only the Conservatives can be trusted to run a balanced budget, at both a national and local level, allowing more people to reap the rewards.