Alan Jarrett

Leader of Medway Council and the Conservative Group

Councillor for Lordswood & Capstone

Contact: or 01634 684640

Alan has lived in Lordswood for over 30 years, and has represented the Lordswood area since 2003. He has been Leader of Medway Council since 2015, holding responsibility for the strategic leadership of the council, finance and communications. He represents Medway at county and regional level in order to drive forward Medway’s regeneration and improve wealth. Before 2015, he was Deputy Leader for 15 years.

He lives in Ballens Road, Lordswood with his wife Denise, and their youngest son David.

Alan believes in protecting Capstone Valley, low council tax, value for money, offering choice, and providing the services residents deserve. He rates among his most important recent achievements for Lordswood and Capstone as persuading cabinet colleagues not to sell access over council-owned land to Gibraltar Farm – thereby preventing imminent development in the Capstone Valley. 

Alan also works in business consultancy – mainly with other councils around the country. He is an author, and has published 12 books on country sports and the countryside.


Cabinet Recognises MCG Key Achievements in Cabinet Report

In discussion of yesterday's Medway Commercial Group (MCG) Limited’s six monthly report to Cabinet, members warmly welcomed this update - detailing the company's key achievements and performance over the past six months, as well as its plans for future growth and development.

Medway Conservatives Appalled at Announcement on Proposed Stroke Services

Following a period of consultation undertaken earlier this year by the NHS in Kent and Medway, Medway Conservatives are horrified and bitterly disappointed at the announcement that it is now proposed that new 24/7 hyper acute stroke services will not be located here in Medway.


Medway Conservatives Love Strood!

This morning several Conservative Councillors were delighted to attend the celebratory ‘Love Strood’ event which took place to mark the completion of the Local Growth Fund improvement works at Commercial Road car park/Tolgate Lane.

Supporting Pensioners at Information and Advice Fair

Leader Alan Jarrett today joined Tracey Crouch MP at the Victory Academy in Chatham for one of the many free Pensioner information and advice fairs that are hosted across Tracey's constituency.

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