Action not Words: Medway Conservatives Tackling Flooding in Luton

Following Monday night’s exceptionally heavy rainfall, the Conservative Group have taken swift and decisive action to identify and manage the risk of flooding in Luton, as one of the worst affected areas of Medway.


What We Have Already Done:

Following flooding last year, and the Conservative administration’s technical investigation into the flooding, our Highways department have undertaken a thorough drainage review, which has led to the implementation of an additional gully cleansing regime on known flood areas in order to keep drains clear and operating at their most effective levels – this has included action on Nelson Terrace and the surrounding roads.


What We Are Doing:

The Conservative Group have instructed Council officers to engage in discussions with MHS homes and the Environment Agency in order to identify funding opportunities for a Property Flood Resilience (PFR) project for the houses impacted by flooding in and around Nelson Terrace.

Property Resilience will reduce the risk of internal flooding of the properties, and includes the installation of flood doors, non-return valves and covers for air bricks - all of which Medway Conservatives recognise will be exceptionally valuable measures welcomed by families whose homes are at risk.


Councillor Phil Filmer, Portfolio Holder for Frontline Services, said:

“I am delighted that Medway Conservatives will be putting a funding bid to the Environment Agency before the end of June in order to facilitate a PFR Project, and we should hear in early autumn whether we have been successful.

Flooding of family homes is of course extraordinarily upsetting and stressful for all involved, and that is why the Conservative Group will continue to do everything in our power to prevent Medway residents from having to experience something like this.

Whilst we await the submission and outcome of our bid, we are continuing to work effectively with homeowners, including MHS and other associations, to explore partnership funding opportunities to make certain this project comes to fruition, and so that we can lead the delivery of this project moving ahead.”