Labour Group Continued Attempts to Delay SEN School Delivery Prevented

Alan Jarrett, Leader of the Conservative Group and Medway Council, said:


“I am pleased that at last night’s meeting of Overview and Scrutiny the correct decision was taken by Conservative members to uphold the Cabinet decision to progress plans to develop a new independent school and learning village, highlighting once again the Conservative commitment to providing services to 210 children with complex needs, disabilities, and challenging behaviour. This Administration continues to safeguard the people of Medway from Labour Group’s political posturing and total lack of willingness to provide quality services.


It has been clear from the offset that the Labour Group have taken every possible step to delay and stand in the way of the delivery of this much needed school and learning village facility, disregarding the needs of children and families within Medway for the sake of Labour’s own short-sighted politicking.


I now look forward to advancing to the next stages of delivery for this proposal, which will have such a fantastic impact on the lives of the children and families the school shall serve.