Rochester Conservatives See New Trees Brought to Medway Under Queen's Commonwealth Canopy Initiative

As part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC), a network of global forest conservation initiatives took place to mark Her Majesty's lifetime of service to the Commonwealth. 

Fifty thousand trees were distributed across the UK, with each specially-labelled tree pack containing five UK-sourced and grown native broadleaf trees – two silver birch, two rowan, and a hazel – for recipients to plant as their own contribution to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative. 

Cllrs. Gary Etheridge & John Williams ensured that, not only did Medway receive a pack that was distributed to schools in Strood, but also purchased and planted additional trees as a local initiative - The additional trees were purchased by Kelly Tolhurst MP & the Rev. Nickolas from All Saints Church Frindsbury. 

Cllrs. Gary Etheridge & John Williams thought it only appropriate that the trees were planted at All Saints Church, not only for its own history, but also being a Commonwealth Grave Churchyard. Pictured, children from Wainscott and Abbey Court schools, along with residents, all attended the planting ceremony.